Notable Posts

I’ve recently fin­ished Dr. Tatania’s Sex Guide to All Creation. It’s a inspir­ing book and some­thing I’ll write up about in due course. What I planned to do was use it to show that evol­u­tion isn’t simply great simply because cre­ation­ists are wrong. It’s a beau­ti­ful and eleg­ant concept and I think some of the issues Olivia Judson / Dr. Tatania raises explore this. It’ll be a little while before it appears (I load entries into this up to four days in advance — the Aventis Prize entry was delayed by me decid­ing to stick the AHDS notice up this morn­ing). However, The proper rev­er­ence due those who have gone before by PZ Myers does the job much bet­ter. It’s a fant­astic essay which cap­tures some of the beauty of nature.

Athena at Rites Of Passage has recently added posts on island archae­ology which add even more art­icles on my “to read” list. She also has a rant about the Guardian’s art­icle on cave-art being Stone Age Porn. “Have we whizzed back to the era of see­ing all sex as por­no­graphic? Does it mean that any time anyone’s at it, it’s an act of por­no­graphy?” she asks. To which the only answer I can give Woody Allen’s. Yes — if it’s done properly.

64 Baker Street has a cun­ning plan at the Bitter Boat to escape temp­ing hell and get a job in archae­ology. She’s going to omit her Master’s degree from her CV. I wish her luck. I like her blog. It reminds me of my own temp­ing experience.

…and I’ve finally worked out how these web car­ni­vals, like The Tangled Bank work. I couldn’t see why the entries didn’t appear on the Tangled Bank web­site. Orac’s take on issue XXV finally flipped the light switch. I’m a slow thinker, but I do get there eventually.


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