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I’ve recently finished Dr. Tatania’s Sex Guide to All Creation. It’s a inspiring book and something I’ll write up about in due course. What I planned to do was use it to show that evolution isn’t simply great simply because creationists are wrong. It’s a beautiful and elegant concept and I think some of the issues Olivia Judson / Dr. Tatania raises explore this. It’ll be a little while before it appears (I load entries into this up to four days in advance – the Aventis Prize entry was delayed by me deciding to stick the AHDS notice up this morning). However, The proper reverence due those who have gone before by PZ Myers does the job much better. It’s a fantastic essay which captures some of the beauty of nature.

Athena at Rites Of Passage has recently added posts on island archaeology which add even more articles on my “to read” list. She also has a rant about the Guardian’s article on cave-art being Stone Age Porn. “Have we whizzed back to the era of seeing all sex as pornographic? Does it mean that any time anyone’s at it, it’s an act of pornography?” she asks. To which the only answer I can give Woody Allen’s. Yes – if it’s done properly.

64 Baker Street has a cunning plan at the Bitter Boat to escape temping hell and get a job in archaeology. She’s going to omit her Master’s degree from her CV. I wish her luck. I like her blog. It reminds me of my own temping experience.

…and I’ve finally worked out how these web carnivals, like The Tangled Bank work. I couldn’t see why the entries didn’t appear on the Tangled Bank website. Orac’s take on issue XXV finally flipped the light switch. I’m a slow thinker, but I do get there eventually.