Turning back the tide at Dover


I’ve got a Google News Alert set for “dover evol­u­tion”, fol­low­ing the accept­ance of cre­ation­ism (known in America by some people as Intelligent Design) onto the cur­riculum of a school in Pennsylvania. The plan is/was to write up a short piece on event for TUP, along with the car­toon below from a site which offers hours of juven­ile fun. The art­icle hasn’t been writ­ten yet because it is a con­tro­ver­sial sub­ject and I thought it a good idea to read a little around it on both sides of the sub­ject. I still haven’t writ­ten it a few months on because there’s a lot to read. It seems the big issue most people con­cen­trate on is whether an altern­at­ive to Darwinism should be taught at high school. In fact it could be much more serious.

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