I’m a hypocrite (of sorts)


Having praised the Physicists for the use of arXiv. I’m now going to out myself as a hypo­crite. I recently heard con­firm­a­tion that my first paper, ‘Knowing when to con­sult the oracle of Delphi’ (co-authored with Efrosyni Boutsikas) will be pub­lished. It’s not in an open access journal, nor will the off­print appear in an open archive. It’s cer­tainly a prob­lem, or at least half a prob­lem. In my defence, apart from AJA there are no suit­able open access journ­als to pub­lish in. The DOAJ lists the Stanford Journal of Archaeology, but with the last volume online being volume II, 2003, I think it’s dormant. Now I have a paper I’d like people to read it. I’m try­ing to come up with some options dis­sem­in­ate the paper as widely as pos­sible without miff­ing the pub­lish­ers migh­tily but I’m open to sug­ges­tions.
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