I’m told that you can put up any old rub­bish on Britney Spears and gain masses of vis­it­ors. I find that hard to believe, but rather than just reject the idea I thought I’d test it. So here’s the res­ult the blogs been mod­i­fied slightly. The site should be, with the help of Britney Spears, stronger in the search engines. Now I know what you’re think­ing. You can live with the Britney Spears Pictures, but what about the con­tent? Am I going to drop in phrases simply to grab vis­it­ors and abuse the name of Britney Spears? Naked term drop­ping like Britney Spears dvd, simply because Overture’s Keyword tool says it’s a pop­u­lar search query, is not the sort of thing I’d do. So I assure you there will be Britney Spears pics, but no gra­tu­it­ous ref­er­ences to her name.

The next post will be, as sched­uled, Is the Secret of Britney Spears Success Hidden in the Locomotion? tomor­row morning.