John Simpson on the Moon


Moon and fire
A moon­lit fire. Photo by Trevor Manternach

.…and off his head.

I’m still sort­ing out stuff as I try and move books around the around. Several are going into the attic, includ­ing John Simpson’s Strange Places, Questionable People. It’s the first volume of his auto­bi­o­graphy, and it’s fas­cin­at­ing stuff. There’s a pas­sage which sug­gests that there’s a big hole in obser­va­tions of ancient sites. We’re simply not approach­ing them in the right way. At Eleusis the par­ti­cipants ate fer­men­ted grain and who knows what else. It must have had a huge effect on per­cep­tion as the fol­low­ing pas­sage of John Simpson’s exper­i­ence in the Amazon shows.
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