Café Scientifique and Jack Cohen


I vis­ited Café Scientifique in Leicester for the first time on Tuesday even­ing. Café Scientifique is a brand name for informal sci­entific sem­inars that are open to the pub­lic. It’s an idea I’ve been excited about for a while, but not so excited that I’ve actu­ally gone to one. There isn’t one in Derby, so it means a trip out in the even­ing to visit Leicester or Sheffield. The reason I went along was that Jack Cohen was giv­ing the talk, “Life Elsewhere”. The aim of the talk was rather like his recent book Evoloving the Alien. He’s inter­ested in how much of the evol­u­tion of Earth’s life was inev­it­able and how much is down to his­tor­ical con­tin­gency.
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