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I spent most of the day in London yesterday or else travelling to or from it. It was a meeting of the CUCD and I was down to talk about post-graduate views on training. I didn’t say much about it as there was also someone else there who had been employed by the ICS to travel round 29 departments and she’d done such a good job my place was a bit redundant.

I’m not sure what I can say. A lot of it I didn’t understand and some of the bits I did understand I probably wasn’t supposed to.

A good thing about CUCD is that its minutes are up online for all to access. It also produces an annual bulletin which is worth flipping through. This year there are a couple of intelligent opinion pieces arguing about what Reception in Classics should be.

Another thing that I was reminded of is C-web. It’s supposed to be “a one-stop information centre for anyone who wants to find out more about the Greek and Roman world” but I can’t work out what it’s for. It looks like a box-ticking exercise. Your opinion may vary and you can see it at