Faith and Atheism


Butterflies and Wheels has an entry on Alistair McGrath, author of Dawkins’ God try­ing to get to grips with his concept of “faith” (see here for my view of his book). A com­ment on the entry made me laugh:

Funny that when people (even reli­gious people) want to insult sci­ent­ists, they com­pare them to a priest­hood, or say that sci­ence is just another reli­gion. How is it no-one who wants to insult priests accuses them of being just another bunch of scientists?


Cruel, but funny.

There’s also the Carnival of the Godless out this week. This time there’s some pos­it­ive stuff up as well as god bash­ing. That’s some­thing that should make it worth brows­ing. Constant neg­at­iv­ity can get a little wearing.