Thinking about Writing


We had an inter­est­ing visit in i-Science today from two people at the Writing Centre of St. Mary’s University College Belfast. The topic was think­ing about how we teach writ­ing and engage the enthu­si­asm of stu­dents for writ­ing. You’d think this was accep­ted to be pretty import­ant given that most assessed uni­ver­sity work is writ­ten. Of course the first step in solv­ing the prob­lem is get­ting someone to admit there’s a problem.

The work­shop in par­tic­u­lar was impress­ive. Not only were they good at help­ing frame ques­tions to identify if there is a prob­lem, our own under­gradu­ates were respond­ing ener­get­ic­ally and provid­ing some really use­ful insights. Both years are really impress­ive and the best advert you could have for the course. Between the two sides, they’ve got me enthused enough to check out some of the books on the bib­li­o­graphy at St. Mary’s though not quite yet as I have to rush off for more work.