A Bosnian Pyramid?



The Bosnian Pyramid, Visocica Hill, is the first European pyr­amid to be discovered


Pyramid of Cestius
Pyramid of Cestius by Mac9 at Wikimedia.

Here’s another, the pyr­amid of Cestius in Rome.

New con­firm­a­tion about find­ings in Bosnia’s Valley of Pyramids
Bosnian Geodetic Institute (Geodetski Zavod BiH) is con­firmed pre­vi­ous find­ings of the Foundation Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun .
‘If we con­nect a top of the pyr­am­ids (Sun, Moon, Dragon) by draw­ing a line. We can see that dis­tance is equal. This lines are form­ing tri­angle. Sides of the tri­angle have equal lengths.’
Angles of this tri­angle are 60 degrees exactly (not any minute difference).

No. Using the map data from the Bosnian Pyramid site I get meas­ure­ments of Sun –> Moon 2038m, Moon –> Dragon 2229m and Sun –> Dragon 2177m. If the pyr­am­ids do form an equi­lat­eral tri­angle then the Bosnian Geodetic Institute seem to have dis­covered the first equi­lat­eral tri­angle with non-equal sides.

Length of the edges of the Bosnian Pyramid of Sun is 365 metars (???)


Half of the pyr­amid is under a massive hill. IF there is a pyr­amid beneath that hill you simply can­not yet meas­ure the sides without mak­ing huge assump­tions, and the accur­acy of 365 metres is utterly spuri­ous. It was remark­ably for­ward think­ing of the build­ers to metres.

Comparisons between the pyr­am­idal com­plexes in Egypt and Mexico have revealed that the Bosnian pyr­amid is 220m high; the Great Pyramid meas­ures 145m, while the highest pyr­amid in the Mexican com­plex is 75m.
Bosnian explorer Semir Osmanagić, who dis­covered the pyr­am­idal struc­ture in Bosnia believes that all three pyr­am­ids were con­struc­ted dur­ing the same period, with the Bosnian pyr­amid the last to be built. Visocica is one third higher than the Great Pyramid in Egypt, which is itself one third higher than that in Mexico. He believes that they could even have all been built by the same peoples.


We can­not date the Egyptian pyr­am­ids to the exact year, nor the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, but even if we have error bars of a few cen­tur­ies then there’s still no over­lap. The Mayan pyr­am­ids are roughly two mil­len­nia older (oops!) younger than the Egyptian pyr­am­ids. Add in the lack of Mayan arte­facts in Egypt and vice versa and the lack of either in Bosnia and there’s a big prob­lem which hand-waving won’t solve.

As a note the height of the Great Pyramid in Egypt is about 138m, but that’s not the ori­ginal height because the upper­most stones are miss­ing. The height of the Pyramid of the Sun is about 65m. If the Great Pyramid of Egypt were one-third higher than the Pyramid of the Sun it would be about 87m high. Even with his own meas­ure­ments there’s no accuracy.

One pos­sible reason for the inac­cur­acy is that the map­ping seems to have been done by M C Escher. Look at the map below from their map pages and see if you can make sense of it.

Bosnian Pyramid?

If he’s con­sist­ently talk­ing rub­bish about the stuff which can be checked then there’s no reason to assume he’s talk­ing any sense about things which can’t be checked. I’m told there’s a lot of genu­ine archae­olo­gical remains asso­ci­ated with Bosnian his­tory on the hill which could be trashed. A lot of it was already des­troyed in the recent war so why would someone want to do this?

Invidual or coöper­ate dona­tions in a form of cheques or money orders from dif­fer­ent coun­tries, can be sent dir­ectly to:
Fondacija Arheološki park: Bosanska pir­am­ida Sunca

I hope it’s worth it.

For more on the Bosnian Pyramid then I recom­mend Science and Politics as little escapes Bora Zivkovic’s eye. The quotes are from the offi­cial sites www​.bos​ni​an​pyr​amid​.com and www​.pir​am​i​dasunca​.ba

There has recently been a new pyr­amid dis­covered near Teotihuacan which is caus­ing its own prob­lems.

Additional: if you’re inter­ested in what is being found and des­troyed at the site then you may like to see the entry The Price of a Pyramid.

14 thoughts on “A Bosnian Pyramid?

  1. It’s a hoax. The “dis­coverer” of the site is a rather pro­lific writer on altern­at­ive his­tory. He believes the “pyr­amid” is 12–14,000 years old. Here’s his altern­at­ive his­tory web­site, which includes his book on the Bosnian “pyr­amid”: http://​www​.altern​at​iv​nahis​tor​ija​.com/ Only one of his books is avail­able in English: http://​www​.altern​at​iv​nahis​tor​ija​.com/​W​M​m​a​i​n​.​htm

  2. All the pho­to­graphs show the same 2 sides of the “pyr­amid” from dif­fer­ent ori­ent­a­tions. Presumably, this is because from the other side the hill doesn’t look like a pyr­amid. The topo map doesn’t actu­ally show a pyramid.

  3. I’m sorry you’re upset Mr. Bear but above is the evid­ence as I see it. You may see it dif­fer­ently which is why I included links for other people to check what I’ve done. For instance I may have meas­ured the sides of the claimed equi­lat­eral tri­angle wrong. That’s why I linked to the Google place­marks for any­one to check for them­selves. If you have any evid­ence to back up any of the claims you make I’d be delighted to visit your site to read them.

    It doesn’t help that some of the inform­a­tion com­ing from the dig is get­ting garbled. In the site you link to the claim is that three of the pyr­am­ids are just 365m apart. That’s simply not the case accord­ing to the offi­cial site. Perhaps that’s a com­mu­nic­a­tion error. There do seem to be a lot of com­mu­nic­a­tion errors. Visocica could be the earli­est pyr­amid dis­covered in Europe, but it can­not be the first to be dis­covered because Italians have been passing the pyr­amid of Cestius, a two thou­sand year old pyr­amid on a daily basis for approx­im­ately twenty centuries.

    It is also a prob­lem that the reports com­ing from the team are flatly con­tra­dict­ing them­selves, or else it’s a very flex­ible pyr­amid. First it’s a Mayan-style pyr­amid, then it’s an Egyptian style pyr­amid. It’s a big switch because these are thou­sands of miles. Aside from loc­a­tion and date there’s a big dif­fer­ence in archi­tec­ture and use for these pyramids.

    It took me a couple of minutes to look up the heights of the pyr­am­ids. It’s not dif­fi­cult to check some of these claims for your­self, so please check out my meas­ure­ments, the claims for the pyr­amid heights, the exist­ence of an ancient pyr­amid in Rome and the dif­fer­ences between pyr­am­ids around the world and see if I’m wrong. I could be. Unfortunately if Osmanagić’s data is rub­bish then it’s not really me you should be get­ting angry at.

  4. Bruce Ramsey

    Interesting that so many pyr­am­ids are covered in dirt. The Mayans, now this. I guess they were built before The Flood.

  5. Phil

    I am very wor­ried about the ‘let them dig’ ethos as there seem to be no proper stand­ards being adhered too — an exanple at ran­dom : some scales on the snaps at the least if you want to por­tray geo­logy as ’tile’. no plans, no sec­tions, no finds no evid­ence just assertions.

  6. Hi,Im run­ning a small blog in bos­nian lan­guage (600 visits/day) ded­ic­ated to prov­ing that Mr.Osmanagic´s so called “research” is just a bunch of rub­bish (I also explored his books and found heavy inconsistencies,and no sci­entific method) . You wouldnt believe how fan­atic his fol­low­ers have become, they vir­tu­ally make phys­ical threats to “non-believers”, which is I guess stem­ming from the fact that many of these people lead pathetic and unpro­duct­ive lives, hop­ing this “dis­cov­ery” would some­how alter they pathetic exist­ence. I have poin­ted people on my blog to this link for the exact data and thank You for the exact data you have pos­ted. Is there fur­ther data that can be found to make fur­ther ques­tions on Osmanagic´s “research” (google is full of his crappy propaganda)?

  7. America

    I love how every­one can mock these dis­cov­er­ies. I also don’t believe this is a pyr­amid but it is some­thing. There are definently man made struc­tures under the hill. Blocks which have been brought in and placed there by people of the past. Instead of sit­ting on a forum and crtiz­ing, you should look at some of the excav­a­tion data and the Billy Rae com­ment is pro­ponder­ous. No one has been attacked phys­ic­ally in Bosnia for their beliefs that it doesnt exist. 20 archaelo­gists came out and said bluntly they dont believe it. More inter­na­tional archaelo­gists need to be on the scene instead of talk­ing about it from their homes. If you want to talk about the pyr­am­ids make an effort to go and see some things for yourself.


    Click on the 24.04.2006 link for some pictures

  8. America, the prob­lem is that I did look at the ‘data’ he’s pro­du­cing. The claims he makes aren’t backed up by his own evidence.

    There cer­tainly are man-made struc­tures bur­ied on the hill. There is, if memory serves, medi­eval set­tle­ment, a Roman fort, an Iron Age set­tle­ment and Neolithic flint scat­ter. There’s also a medi­eval nec­ro­polis and someone who is excav­at­ing the site down to the bed­rock with a bulldozer.

    I’ve added the link to The Price of a Pyramid at the bot­tom of the post because people seem to be miss­ing that. It’s not that he thinks there’s a pyr­amid that both­ers me par­tic­u­larly — it’s that he’s will­ing to erad­ic­ate 6,000 years of her­it­age to do it.

    The Serb artil­lery tried to des­troy the remains on the hill. It seems a bit odd that the loc­als are now will­ing to do the job for them.

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