A Bosnian Pyramid?


The Bosnian Pyramid, Visocica Hill, is the first European pyr­amid to be discovered


Pyramid of Cestius
Pyramid of Cestius by Mac9 at Wikimedia.

Here’s another, the pyr­amid of Cestius in Rome.

New con­firm­a­tion about find­ings in Bosnia’s Valley of Pyramids
Bosnian Geodetic Institute (Geodetski Zavod BiH) is con­firmed pre­vi­ous find­ings of the Foundation Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun .
‘If we con­nect a top of the pyr­am­ids (Sun, Moon, Dragon) by draw­ing a line. We can see that dis­tance is equal. This lines are form­ing tri­angle. Sides of the tri­angle have equal lengths.’
Angles of this tri­angle are 60 degrees exactly (not any minute difference).

No. Using the map data from the Bosnian Pyramid site I get meas­ure­ments of Sun –> Moon 2038m, Moon –> Dragon 2229m and Sun –> Dragon 2177m. If the pyr­am­ids do form an equi­lat­eral tri­angle then the Bosnian Geodetic Institute seem to have dis­covered the first equi­lat­eral tri­angle with non-equal sides.

Length of the edges of the Bosnian Pyramid of Sun is 365 metars (???)


Half of the pyr­amid is under a massive hill. IF there is a pyr­amid beneath that hill you simply can­not yet meas­ure the sides without mak­ing huge assump­tions, and the accur­acy of 365 metres is utterly spuri­ous. It was remark­ably for­ward think­ing of the build­ers to metres.

Comparisons between the pyr­am­idal com­plexes in Egypt and Mexico have revealed that the Bosnian pyr­amid is 220m high; the Great Pyramid meas­ures 145m, while the highest pyr­amid in the Mexican com­plex is 75m.
Bosnian explorer Semir Osmanagić, who dis­covered the pyr­am­idal struc­ture in Bosnia believes that all three pyr­am­ids were con­struc­ted dur­ing the same period, with the Bosnian pyr­amid the last to be built. Visocica is one third higher than the Great Pyramid in Egypt, which is itself one third higher than that in Mexico. He believes that they could even have all been built by the same peoples.


We can­not date the Egyptian pyr­am­ids to the exact year, nor the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, but even if we have error bars of a few cen­tur­ies then there’s still no over­lap. The Mayan pyr­am­ids are roughly two mil­len­nia older (oops!) younger than the Egyptian pyr­am­ids. Add in the lack of Mayan arte­facts in Egypt and vice versa and the lack of either in Bosnia and there’s a big prob­lem which hand-waving won’t solve.

As a note the height of the Great Pyramid in Egypt is about 138m, but that’s not the ori­ginal height because the upper­most stones are miss­ing. The height of the Pyramid of the Sun is about 65m. If the Great Pyramid of Egypt were one-third higher than the Pyramid of the Sun it would be about 87m high. Even with his own meas­ure­ments there’s no accuracy.

One pos­sible reason for the inac­cur­acy is that the map­ping seems to have been done by M C Escher. Look at the map below from their map pages and see if you can make sense of it.

Bosnian Pyramid?

If he’s con­sist­ently talk­ing rub­bish about the stuff which can be checked then there’s no reason to assume he’s talk­ing any sense about things which can’t be checked. I’m told there’s a lot of genu­ine archae­olo­gical remains asso­ci­ated with Bosnian his­tory on the hill which could be trashed. A lot of it was already des­troyed in the recent war so why would someone want to do this?

Invidual or coöper­ate dona­tions in a form of cheques or money orders from dif­fer­ent coun­tries, can be sent dir­ectly to:
Fondacija Arheološki park: Bosanska pir­am­ida Sunca

I hope it’s worth it.

For more on the Bosnian Pyramid then I recom­mend Science and Politics as little escapes Bora Zivkovic’s eye. The quotes are from the offi­cial sites www​.bos​ni​an​pyr​amid​.com and www​.pir​am​i​dasunca​.ba

There has recently been a new pyr­amid dis­covered near Teotihuacan which is caus­ing its own prob­lems.

Additional: if you’re inter­ested in what is being found and des­troyed at the site then you may like to see the entry The Price of a Pyramid.


When he's not tired, fixing his car or caught in train delays, Alun Salt works part-time for the Annals of Botany weblog. His PhD was in ancient science at the University of Leicester, but he doesn't know Richard III.

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  1. Ron Zeno says:

    It’s a hoax. The “dis­coverer” of the site is a rather pro­lific writer on altern­at­ive his­tory. He believes the “pyr­amid” is 12–14,000 years old. Here’s his altern­at­ive his­tory web­site, which includes his book on the Bosnian “pyr­amid”: http://​www​.altern​at​iv​nahis​tor​ija​.com/ Only one of his books is avail­able in English: http://​www​.altern​at​iv​nahis​tor​ija​.com/​W​M​m​a​i​n​.​htm

  2. Aydin says:

    All the pho­to­graphs show the same 2 sides of the “pyr­amid” from dif­fer­ent ori­ent­a­tions. Presumably, this is because from the other side the hill doesn’t look like a pyr­amid. The topo map doesn’t actu­ally show a pyramid.

  3. Yea, I don’t believe any pyr­am­ids exist any where, it’s all a lie. Not in Egypt , not in South America not any­where. It’s all just made up. I never saw a pyr­amid any­where. Archiololigists just make it up so they can get money for doing noth­ing but sit­ting around mak­ing up false pic­tures and reports.
    The world is flat too. I don’t think Europe even exists. http://​www​.bos​ni​an​pyr​am​ids​.org/

  4. alun says:

    I’m sorry you’re upset Mr. Bear but above is the evid­ence as I see it. You may see it dif­fer­ently which is why I included links for other people to check what I’ve done. For instance I may have meas­ured the sides of the claimed equi­lat­eral tri­angle wrong. That’s why I linked to the Google place­marks for any­one to check for them­selves. If you have any evid­ence to back up any of the claims you make I’d be delighted to visit your site to read them.

    It doesn’t help that some of the inform­a­tion com­ing from the dig is get­ting garbled. In the site you link to the claim is that three of the pyr­am­ids are just 365m apart. That’s simply not the case accord­ing to the offi­cial site. Perhaps that’s a com­mu­nic­a­tion error. There do seem to be a lot of com­mu­nic­a­tion errors. Visocica could be the earli­est pyr­amid dis­covered in Europe, but it can­not be the first to be dis­covered because Italians have been passing the pyr­amid of Cestius, a two thou­sand year old pyr­amid on a daily basis for approx­im­ately twenty centuries.

    It is also a prob­lem that the reports com­ing from the team are flatly con­tra­dict­ing them­selves, or else it’s a very flex­ible pyr­amid. First it’s a Mayan-style pyr­amid, then it’s an Egyptian style pyr­amid. It’s a big switch because these are thou­sands of miles. Aside from loc­a­tion and date there’s a big dif­fer­ence in archi­tec­ture and use for these pyramids.

    It took me a couple of minutes to look up the heights of the pyr­am­ids. It’s not dif­fi­cult to check some of these claims for your­self, so please check out my meas­ure­ments, the claims for the pyr­amid heights, the exist­ence of an ancient pyr­amid in Rome and the dif­fer­ences between pyr­am­ids around the world and see if I’m wrong. I could be. Unfortunately if Osmanagić’s data is rub­bish then it’s not really me you should be get­ting angry at.

  5. Bruce Ramsey says:

    Interesting that so many pyr­am­ids are covered in dirt. The Mayans, now this. I guess they were built before The Flood.

  6. Phil says:

    I am very wor­ried about the ‘let them dig’ ethos as there seem to be no proper stand­ards being adhered too — an exanple at ran­dom : some scales on the snaps at the least if you want to por­tray geo­logy as ’tile’. no plans, no sec­tions, no finds no evid­ence just assertions.

  7. Billy Rae says:

    Hi,Im run­ning a small blog in bos­nian lan­guage (600 visits/day) ded­ic­ated to prov­ing that Mr.Osmanagic´s so called “research” is just a bunch of rub­bish (I also explored his books and found heavy inconsistencies,and no sci­entific method) . You wouldnt believe how fan­atic his fol­low­ers have become, they vir­tu­ally make phys­ical threats to “non-believers”, which is I guess stem­ming from the fact that many of these people lead pathetic and unpro­duct­ive lives, hop­ing this “dis­cov­ery” would some­how alter they pathetic exist­ence. I have poin­ted people on my blog to this link for the exact data and thank You for the exact data you have pos­ted. Is there fur­ther data that can be found to make fur­ther ques­tions on Osmanagic´s “research” (google is full of his crappy propaganda)?

  8. America says:

    I love how every­one can mock these dis­cov­er­ies. I also don’t believe this is a pyr­amid but it is some­thing. There are definently man made struc­tures under the hill. Blocks which have been brought in and placed there by people of the past. Instead of sit­ting on a forum and crtiz­ing, you should look at some of the excav­a­tion data and the Billy Rae com­ment is pro­ponder­ous. No one has been attacked phys­ic­ally in Bosnia for their beliefs that it doesnt exist. 20 archaelo­gists came out and said bluntly they dont believe it. More inter­na­tional archaelo­gists need to be on the scene instead of talk­ing about it from their homes. If you want to talk about the pyr­am­ids make an effort to go and see some things for yourself.


    Click on the 24.04.2006 link for some pictures

  9. Yes… We have pyr­am­ides… I believe… I saw…

  10. Billy Rae says:

    Walker, check some of the com­ments on my blog, then say that no one of Osmanagic fol­low­ers makes threats of phys­ical violence !

  11. alun says:

    America, the prob­lem is that I did look at the ‘data’ he’s pro­du­cing. The claims he makes aren’t backed up by his own evidence.

    There cer­tainly are man-made struc­tures bur­ied on the hill. There is, if memory serves, medi­eval set­tle­ment, a Roman fort, an Iron Age set­tle­ment and Neolithic flint scat­ter. There’s also a medi­eval nec­ro­polis and someone who is excav­at­ing the site down to the bed­rock with a bulldozer.

    I’ve added the link to The Price of a Pyramid at the bot­tom of the post because people seem to be miss­ing that. It’s not that he thinks there’s a pyr­amid that both­ers me par­tic­u­larly — it’s that he’s will­ing to erad­ic­ate 6,000 years of her­it­age to do it.

    The Serb artil­lery tried to des­troy the remains on the hill. It seems a bit odd that the loc­als are now will­ing to do the job for them.

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    AUTHOR: matt
    I don’t know any­thing about the Bosnian “pyr­amid”, but I thought I’d point out that it is the Egyptian pyr­am­ids that are 2 mil­lenia older than the Mayan pyr­am­ids, not vice versa.

    AUTHOR: alun
    Oops! That is embarass­ing. Corrected now.

    AUTHOR: Ravnatelj
    ”.…Using the map data from the Bosnian Pyramid site I get meas­ure­ments of Sun –> Moon 2038m, Moon –> Dragon 2229m and Sun –> Dragon 2177m. If the pyr­am­ids do form an equi­lat­eral tri­angle then the Bosnian Geodetic Institute seem to have dis­covered the first equi­lat­eral tri­angle with non-equal sides.….”

    It is still possible,regardless of the heights of the tops.You can check this by cre­at­ing an equi­lat­eral tri­angle and u can make many difer­rent pos­i­tions of its ends in space.…you are talk­ing only about hori­zontal pro­jec­tions of the tops,they have to be talk­ing about the pos­i­tions of the tops in 3D,then?!That can be meas­ured easily,i think,and that‘s what they have to be talk­ing about?

    Take a look at this 3D demon­stra­tion on the fol­low­ing web address:


    On the fol­low­ing web­site you can see the latest pho­tos and news about the exava­tion work on Bosnian Pyramids


    AUTHOR: alun
    That’s an inter­est­ing idea Ravnatelj, and should be check­able using Pythagoras Theorem. There is a prob­lem that Google Earth isn’t so good at elev­a­tion, so I’d be put­ting some errors into the meas­ure­ment if I use GE data, but it could well explain the claim des­pite the 10% dif­fer­ence in the Moon –> Sun and Moon–> Dragon distances.

    I’ve done some back of the paper cal­cu­la­tions to work out how much higher or lower the temple of the Sun would have to be com­pared to the Temple of the Dragon to make the dif­fer­ences work. Unfortunately I’m get­ting wild answers around 900m! This would be a prob­lem as Visicoca Hill is only 213 metres tall (accord­ing to Wikipedia). At the moment I think it’s more likely that I’m mak­ing a simple error some­where rather than my answer being cor­rect. If I have time I’ve draw some dia­grams and go over it more thor­oughly so someone can point out where I’ve gone wrong.

  2. April 28, 2006

    Bosnian Pyramid?

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    AUTHOR: Andrew
    I really think that Bosnians could do without this sought of exploit­a­tion.

    AUTHOR: I wish I was a believer
    I would like to believe that this were true. However, I do find the destruc­tion of other his­tor­ical and import­ant arti­facts dis­turb­ing. If this were being handled bet­ter I would sup­port the fact that it might be real…but the speed at which this seems to move for­ward both­ers me, like he cares only to prove him­self right, not for the his­tor­ical import­ance of such a find.

    AUTHOR: Elma

    AUTHOR: skep­tik
    There are even math­em­at­ical evid­ences for what is claimed to be a Bosnian pyr­amid of sun that make the the­ory about the exist­ence of the pyr­amid irrel­ev­ant. I am afraid that, beside being a great fan­atic, Mr Osmanagic is try­ing to take fin­an­cial advent­age in regards to what he is try­ing to prove.
    I live in Visoko, and I, as many other decent cit­izens of this town, would be over­whelmed if this would be true, nev­er­the­less it is not likely to hap­pen.

    AUTHOR: Ronald Anckaert
    Hello All,

    Well, they call it already ‘Bosnian VALLEY of Pyramids ‘ ! Let’s make a list of the ‘pyr­am­ids’ they found : ‘Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of Dragon, Pyramid of Love, Temple of Earth’. So, appar­antly every hill in Bosnia hides a ‘pyr­amid’ ! It’s loaded with ‘pyr­am­ids’ over there! (I read near Sarajevo there are too !). OK, 5 pyr­am­ids up till now. It must have been a mega-giant construction-site ! Now let’s be ser­i­ous, where is the civil­isaton (other build­ings), arte­facts, transportation-ways, arti­fi­cial slopes (or did these ‘pyramid-builders’ carry their blocks on their shoulders ?), etc. Every true pyr­amid on other loc­a­tions (e.g. Giza) has other build­ings and cit­ies in the vicinity …

    I read on one of the ‘Bosnian pyr­amid’ web­sites that small to big stone balls were found after an earth­quake 12 or 13 years ago, that they ‘were cre­ated at the same time as the ‘pyr­am­ids in the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids’ and that their exist­ence proves an ancient civil­isa­tion exis­ted in today’s Bosnia’.

    In the past, on some occasions,such stone spheres were claimed to be made by man (I think it was Erich von Däniken, among oth­ers, who explained they were made by gods or ali­ens) . Of course, Osmanagic is the appro­pri­ate story-teller to use this old phant­asy to emphas­ize the exist­ence of his ‘ancient, pyramid-building civilization’ …

    Stone balls are a well-known, NATURAL PHENOMENON !

    American geo­lo­gists determ­ined the ori­gins and age of stone balls after they had vis­ited cerro Piedras Bola in 1968. Their ana­lysis, based on research done on other nat­ur­ally spher­ical rocks –those in New Mexico, USA, have sim­ilar ori­gins — con­cluded that the rocks were formed tens of mil­lions of years ago, TROUGH THE CHANCE CRYSTALLIZATION OF VOLCANIC ASH. This still can­des­cent mater­ial, with tem­per­at­ures estim­ated to reach between 500º and 800 º C, spewed from vol­canos and flooded the envir­on­ment. When it settled and cooled, con­cent­ric lay­ers of mol­ten rock under­went a crys­tal­liz­a­tion pro­cess around glass particles con­tained in the mol­ten mater­ial. These pro­cesses stopped due to cool­ing dur­ing dif­fer­ent eras, depend­ing on their loc­a­tion in the ash deposit. The res­ult was these “balls,” formed in lay­ers of dif­fer­ent sizes (this explains the dis­cov­ery of very small, small, medium-sized and big balls), sim­ilar to an onion. Over time, wind and cli­mactic con­di­tions have uncovered many of the spher­ical rocks bur­ied in un-crystallized ash under the sur­face of the earth. The sur­face of the rock is rough and eroded by the weather and by move­ments of the earth.

    UNFINISHED balls were never found . This is the ulti­mate proof that stone balls are not man made. In my opin­ion, such balls could have been pol­ished smoothly SECONDARILY by man on a few loc­a­tions, but they already exis­ted. They were not ori­gin­ally carved out of a rock by man, but formed by nature, as described above.

    See the pho­to­graph of a stone ball on this site :

    The fant­astic balls in el Cerro Piedras Bola (Jalisco)

    Everything Osmanagic makes up, can be refuted.

    Kind regards,

    AUTHOR: Ronald Anckaert
    Hello All,

    Well, I found evid­ence of the nat­ural, layered struc­ture of a stone ball on Osmanagic’s very own wet­site … (look at the lower­most part of the sphere) :

    AhmedBosnic_Kugle.jpg (JPEG Image, 557×780 pixels)

    Kind regards,

    AUTHOR: Ronald Anckaert
    Does any­body know if the destruc­tion on pur­pose of genu­ine arche­olo­gical sties is a crime ?

    AUTHOR: alun
    Intentional destruc­tion is not a crime. Archaeological excav­a­tion is the recor­ded destruc­tion of a site, which is why some archae­olo­gists think it should only be done as a last resort. In the case of the Bosnian excav­a­tion I think it has all the neces­sary per­mits. I’d be sur­prised if it didn’t as it’s had a few lead­ing Bosnian dig­nit­ar­ies visiting.

    In many coun­tries if a site isn’t expli­citly pro­tec­ted then it’s fair game. You can for instance des­troy ancient build­ings beneath your back garden in the UK if you’re dig­ging a swim­ming pool. In the USA there are pot-hunters aplenty who can ran­sack sites with little trouble.

    AUTHOR: Ron Zeno
    There was a press release last year, refut­ing Osmanagić if I remem­ber cor­rectly, stat­ing that the proper per­mits were approved but they were done without any arche­olo­gists involved because the licens­ing depart­ments had none on staff.

    There are prof­fe­sional archeologists,geologists,historians etc. that are work­ing on the site from the first day of excav­a­tion work on bos­nian pyramids,…so everything is done by their supervision,and basic­ally noth­ing can be destroyed.Don‘t worry,people,be happy.

    AUTHOR: alun
    Possibly, but not Grace Fegan it seems, des­pite Osmanagić’s claims. Nor, pos­sibly, Royce Richards. Nor are the his­tor­i­ans com­pet­ent (see the photo of a European pyr­amid above) if they’re say­ing this is the first pyr­amid to be found in Europe. Further. excav­a­tion does involve destruc­tion of a site. You can­not excav­ate the same mater­ial twice. Perhaps you can see why some people might not be con­vinced that the dig is quite as com­pet­ent as is claimed.

    AUTHOR: Dr Phil
    ho are these prof­fes­sional archao­lo­gists, and what pro­fes­sional body do they belong to, whose stand­ards are they ork­ing to? the pic­tures on the web site are without ori­ent­a­tion and scakles, here are the plans here is the pro­ject design and here is the acknoledgem­net and due care for the later cul­tural resource?

    Alun,come on,get real,if this pyr­amid in Bosnia is the old­est one in Europe,than it is THE FIRST.

    And,I told you,nothing is going to be destroyed.Have you ever heard of any­thing in the world EVER being des­troyed by pro­fes­sional archeologists?LOOOOOL Give me a break. :)

    Here are some names of the pro­fes­sional arche­olo­gists and other sci­ent­ists involved in this pro­ject so far:


    Silvana Cobanov, Degree in Archaeology, University of Zadar,Croatia

    Sead Pilav, Degree in Archaeology, Jonkoping, Sweden

    Saša Jankovic, archae­olo­gist, University of Belgrade

    A Greek archae­olo­gist, Athanasia Gallou,also joined the team of researchers,recently (but i am not sure if she is actu­ally a pro­fes­sional arche­olo­gist ?),
    and it is also announced that more arche­olo­gists from Egypt and Mexico will join the team in the mid june of this year.


    Nadja Nukic, Degree in Engineering — Geology, Sarajevo, Bosnia

    Ibrica Repisti, Degree in Engineering — Geology, Kotor,Montenegro

    Mehmed Burgic, Degree in Engineering — Geology, Sarajevo Bosnia

    Aly Abd Alla Barakat,Geologist,the Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority,Egypt

    Geophysics and Remote Sensing:

    Amer Smailbegović, Ph.D.,Reno, Nevada, USA


    http://​www​.pir​am​i​dasunca​.ba/​e​n​g​/​d​e​f​a​u​l​t​.​asp (click on “Committees” to find out more)


    AUTHOR: Dr Phil
    I’m not Alun, ther is a list of people with degrees in archae­ology — that does not make them pro­fes­sional archae­olo­gists (in the sense that they belong to a pro­fes­sional insti­tute with, for instance, recog­nised stand­ards for con­duct­ing archae­olo­gical pro­jects. At the very least some state­ment of their exper­i­ence would be nice…

    AUTHOR: alun
    It doesn’t mat­ter how old it is it won’t be the first to be found because we already know of one. Or at least archae­olo­gists and his­tor­i­ans off the pro­ject know of another one. If the experts on site don’t then you won­der how expert they are.

    If noth­ing is to be des­troyed then it won’t be an excav­a­tion. This is usu­ally men­tioned in the first couple of weeks of an archae­ology course. If I take an arte­fact from the ground I remove it from its con­text, which is why record­ing is import­ant. If the site record­ing has equi­lat­eral tri­angles with dif­fer­ent length sides and pyr­am­ids which change labels on a reg­u­lar basis then how good is that record­ing likely to be?

    I have looked at the com­mit­tees and I see Royce Richards is on the archae­olo­gical com­mit­tee. The logical course would be to con­tact him. Unfortunately the server at http://​www​.daare​.sa​.gov​.au/ is down right now. The other mem­bers are even harder to track down at their home universities.

    AUTHOR: Doug Weller
    I’ve seen the list. It had Royce Richards on it and as I’d already been told by someone who knew him that he didn’t believe Richards would be involved, I wasn’t sur­prised to see a state­ment allegedly from him say­ing that he had noth­ing to do with it.
    Degrees aren’t enough. The geo­lo­gist who seems to do all the talk­ing for Osmanagic is Nadja Nukic who seems to have done a com­bined degree 35 years ago. I’d like to know what exper­i­ence she’s had since.

    When do we hear from any of the other named people? Are they really there work­ing? What qual­i­fic­a­tions do they have? The Tuzla geo­lo­gists were I believe also part of the team, yet the report they made for the found­a­tion was simply dis­missed with no ser­i­ous comment.

    Sead Pilav’s degree seems to be in the last year or two at most. And we have no veri­fic­a­tion he’s involved.

    But in any case, he and the oth­ers men­tioned above were sup­posed to be only strength­en­ing an inter­na­tional team of archae­olo­gists. Who are they? Why don’t we hear from them? Why don’t we hear from any archae­olo­gists there in fact?

    Alun,if it is the oldest,then it is THE FIRST ONE (ever built),so it can be called safely “the first”,why not,they also call it “the mother of all pyramids”,and why not?No other pyr­amid like this one has ever been dis­covered in Europe before.

    This Roman pyr­amid you are dis­play­ing here is simply a joke,it is the same as if you would show the pyr­amid built in Las Vegas,and use it to prove something,LET‘S GO TO LAS VEGAS AND VISIT ONE OF MANY NORTH-AMERICAN PYRAMIDS!?LOL :)That Roman pyr­amid can be bulit in a few days by anyone,but try to build one by using 30-ton stone blocks,and to be over 200 metars high,that‘s a real pyramid,so you can‘t compere them at all.

    And,according to you archi­o­lo­gists are actu­ally destroyers,by definition.So,what are you talk­ing about then,you are simply oppos­ing yourself???You are against arche­olo­gists cur­rently work­ing on this site in Bosnia “because they are going to des­troy something”,but on the other hand, you would like to see Royce there on the ground and everything would be OK.LOOOOOOOOL :) WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM????LOOOOOL :)


    AUTHOR: alun
    There may be a dif­fer­ence in how the story is repor­ted in Bosnia and how it’s being repor­ted else­where. Over here the announce­ment was that it was the first pyr­amid ever found in Europe. The Roman pyr­amid pic­tured is around two thou­sand years old. By most people’s stand­ards 2000 years old is ancient.

    The Bosnian pyr­amid might not be over 200 metres high. Osmanagic has also said that the sides are 365m long and slope in at 45 degrees. That makes the pyr­amid 187.5 metres high. The pyr­amid seems to gained or lost a height of about 30 metres. Or else the dig isn’t being done accurately.

    As the other Bosnian pyr­amid posts here show, the reports are con­sist­ently inac­cur­ate. You’re more than wel­come to read other pages on this site and please feel free to fol­low the links to see if I’m wrong, because if I am wrong then this is fant­astic news. I’d love this to be a pyr­amid, but the evid­ence is simply non­sensical so far.

    My prob­lem apart from the fact that the reports com­ing out are math­em­at­ic­ally impossible isn’t that the excav­a­tion is going ahead, it’s that it doesn’t look like it’s going to be recor­ded accur­ately. But it’s not a huge prob­lem. If the Bosnian people prefer fantasy to real­ity then it’s their site to bulldoze.

    Dear Alun,

    1.Archeologists,geologists,historians etc. work­ing on the site,24/7 (you are sey­ing they are going to des­troy something,.…i don‘t think so).

    2.Nobody in his right mind would oppose con­tinu­ing exava­tion work on the site (you do) :)

    3.You have no valid proof that it is not a pyramid.Sorry. :)

    4.An egyp­tian expert recently con­firmed it is a pyramid,saying even that it bears Giza hallmarks.He said:”“In my opin­ion, it is a type of pyr­amid, prob­ably prim­it­ive pyr­amid … (that) we did not know until now,” Barakat told report­ers at the dig on the north­east­ern side of Visocica hill, where huge stone blocks have been found.

    It is dif­fi­cult for nature to cre­ate blocks like this and ori­ented in one ori­ent­a­tion,” he said, point­ing to com­pact pol­ished blocks.

    He added that sand lay­ers between the blocks were the same type of arti­fi­cial cement used in ancient Egyptian pyr­am­ids. Barakat said detailed study was needed to determ­ine the age of the excav­ated blocks and the type of the mater­ial used, and said some Egyptian archae­olo­gists would join the team in Bosnia around June 15th.”

    Barakat has extens­ive know­ledge of the pyr­am­ids in Giza and had been recom­men­ded for the Bosnian mis­sion by Zahi Hawass, one of the world’s fore­most Egyptologists.

    5.Let‘s see what is actu­ally going to be dis­covered there,so you do not have to worry about noth­ing (but you do) :)

    Peace. :)


    AUTHOR: alun
    1. Read a book on archae­olo­gical prac­tice. I’d recom­mend Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice but the MOLAS manual is also good.

    2. I’ve said here and on other posts here else­where that if it’s prop­erly recor­ded the dig is fine. Feel free to read what I’ve written.

    3. I’ve proven the pub­lished claims are impossible. Again read the other posts.

    4. Bosnian experts famil­iar with the region dis­agree.

    Professors from the Faculty of Mining and Geology at the University of Tuzla, act­ing mem­bers of the Geological explor­a­tions team that did geo­lo­gical stud­ies of the Visocica hill near Visoko (the loc­al­ity of an alleged Bosnian pyr­amid), presen­ted today at a press con­fer­ence in Tuzla the final res­ults of their research com­pleted at the request by the Foundation “Arheološki park Bosanska pir­am­ida sunca” Visoko. The team leader Professor Dr. Sejfudin Vrabac said that they have con­cluded that Visocica hill is a nat­ural geo­lo­gical form­a­tion, made of clas­sic sed­i­ments of layered com­pos­i­tion and vary­ing thick­ness, and that its shape is a con­sequence of endo­dy­nam­ical and egs­o­dynam­ical pro­cess in post-Miocene era.

    You can read the rest at the Hall of Ma’at.

    So far everything I’ve been able to test about the claims has proven false. If there’s evid­ence to show there’s a pyr­amid there that will be fant­astic. Until then I’ll remain scep­tical. You might dis­agree, but you might be able to see why not every­one is con­vinced by the claims.

    5. I’ll only be wor­ried if the belief con­tin­ues des­pite the lack of evid­ence. I hadn’t thought to write a Bosnian Pyramid art­icle for Revise and Dissent, but I can be persuaded. :)

    Just to say some­thing about the pro­fess­ors from University of Tuzla.Their “res­ults” were based on spend­ing just 2 hours on the site,BEFORE THE EXAVATION WORK ACTUALLY BEGUN,so they didn‘t see a single stone block excavated.

    Furthermore,who knows bet­ter about pyramids,them or an Egiptian exspert,also geologist,who has been study­ing pyr­am­ids his whole life?

    One example,one of the geo­lo­gists work­ing on the site,Bosnian geo­lo­gist Nadja Nukic,during the first drill­ings on the pyr­amid was pazzled by some “white mater­ial” appear­ing in between stones,she had no idea what it was until this Egyptian explained that that is actu­ally the same type of arti­fi­cial cement used on ancient Egyptian pyramids.But,Nadja is a real expert,and also famil­iar with the region very much,for example she worked recently on the recon­struc­tion of the Old Bridge in Mostar,but she had no clue about this arti­fi­cial cement,nor did pro­fess­ors from Tuzla.

    Live and learn.:)

    Geologists from University of Sarajevo have also star­ted their own inden­pendent geo­lo­gical stud­ies of the Visocica Hill,let us see what are they going to say,are they going to con­firm what some geo­lo­gists from Tuzla con­cluded (who have never stud­ied a single stone block excav­ated from the site) or they are going to con­firm what the Egyptian geo­lo­gist said after study­ing many of those excav­ated stone blocks on the site?

    It remains to be seen.


    AUTHOR: alun
    It seems Mr Royce Richards is not work­ing on the pyr­amid pro­ject. It seems Osmanagić can­not record who is work­ing on his pro­ject, or meas­ure the height of his pyr­amid so I’m not con­vinced he’s cap­able of excav­at­ing a com­plex site.

    Comments are still wel­come, but I’ve col­lated the vari­ous posts at Revise and Dissent, so that’s now the place to com­ment.