Imitation — The sincerest form of mappery


Frequency of a surname

Laputan Logic links to the Surname Profiler at UCL. He also has inter­est­ing com­ments on tra­cing sur­names. If the pro­posed con­nec­tion between sur­names and Y-chromosomes holds then you can bask in the genetic link to your fore­fath­ers. If you lack a Y-chromosome then you’ll just have to com­fort your­self with the know­ledge you can think with your brain instead.

If you’re one of these people who changed their sur­name a while ago then a map like this might not tell you so much about your ancest­ors. On a totally uncon­nec­ted note I’ve found that if you’re look­ing for Mackensie, you need to spell it with a ‘z’.

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