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Above is Daz Sampson’s Teenage Life, the UK entry for Eurovision 2006. It could be a classic this year. Finland have sent Lordi, Germany have sent their best entry since Stefan Raab (inventor of wok racing) with Texas Lightning. Iceland’s entry Congratulations by Silvia Night included a line which may, or may not be, “The vote is in, I’ll f*****g win“. Sadly it didn’t get past the semi-final being as it was beaten by Armenia and 22 other countries. It didn’t work for Cliff Richard either – he came second when he sang Congratulations.

I’m wary of making predictions because voting in the Eurovision is so variable. I’ll stick my neck out and say that Cyprus might give Greece 12 points this year. There’s something about the Greek entry with year that might go down well with the Cypriote public.

It’s usual when the British entry does badly to blame block voting by small countries. There’s also broader political influence as well. Jemini lost out in 2003, scoring zero in the aftermath of the Iraq invasion, which I thought was unfair. When you listen to the performance impartially then really you can only come to the conclusion that it’s a shame you can’t give out negative points. They said the performance was off-key due to technical glitches. Yet on some notes they weren’t merely off-key but off-crowbar too whilst trying to break into the Mansion of Melody.

There’s an interview with Daz Sampson on YouTube. I saw him on News24 as well yesterday. I agree with him, one reason for some poor UK results is that we’ve sent some terrible stuff. Recently the UK and some other countries have sent aural wallpaper. If the fun entries do well this year then hopefully there’ll be more to watch at Eurovision than the voting.