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The 2006 Cliopatria Awards are now seeking nominations for awards.


Looking back I could almost recycle the Best Group Blog post word for word. It only needs a little tweaking to the argument. Stanford has launched Archaeolog and Philolog and the former is strong, but the Megalithic Portal is still consistently the best group blog from a UK perspective. If I want the background detail on a site in the UK then it’s the site I go to.

Best New Blog can’t be recycled, but once again I think it’s someone who started close to the cut-off date. I’m nominating Salto Sobrius. There are plenty of other good blogs that have started more recently. In some ways that’s a drawback as Martin Rundkvist has had almost a year to pervade the internet. I mean that in a good way.

Best series of posts is a difficult one because not all series are equal. I’ve gone for Duane Smith’s Friday Pot Blogging at Abnormal Interests. If you’re looking forward to the next post then that seems to be a fairly good indication that you’ve found a good series.

I’ll have a ponder on the three remaining categories. Like last year I’m struggling to part Best Writing from Best Blog.