Segesta Dawn

Segesta Dawn

This is a mock-up of a sun­rise I pre­pared for I for­get what. If the view looks famil­iar then this is because it’s a photo I abuse a lot. It’s from the interior of the temple at Segesta and it’s a handy photo to use. One reason is that it’s a very Greek look­ing temple with the columns and so forth and it’s hand to be able to view it from the inside. Ironically it’s not a Greek temple. It was built by Elymians, nat­ives assso­ci­ated with the west of Sicily.

Lest you be overly impressed that I should get up early enough to blag my way into the site and pho­to­graph the sun­rise, below the fold is the ori­ginal ver­sion of the photo. If you look at the sun­rise loc­a­tion you can see where I’ve removed a hill, so this is not inten­ded to be strictly accur­ate.

Segesta Temple from the Inside


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