Reburial in the UK


There was a story recently in the Guardian about Pagans demand­ing bones for reburial. It’s been covered by Afarensis, Dienekes, and PhDiva. There’s greater dis­cus­sion of the issues at Aardvarchaeology and Cronaca. I’ve been wait­ing for the response from Pagan blogs before post­ing. Fortunately, Letter from Hardscrabble Creek, the Wild Hunt and Obbyoss. This last blog I found via The Stroppy Rabbit who has more links on the topic. I’ve been look­ing for an excuse to link to that site for a while and this post on the furore is perfect.

I agree with Martin as far as “I don’t think neo-paganism is any more silly than Christianity or Islam…” but I don’t think it’s always “really, really, really silly”. Sometimes I think it’s just mis­taken or over-imaginative.

The ele­ment that dis­turbs me and gets the full three sil­lies is that the Council of British Druid Orders has appro­pri­ated my her­it­age and is telling me what I can or can­not do with my ancest­ors. I haven’t given them per­mis­sion to speak for my ancest­ors. What gives them the right to seize and des­troy the mater­ial evid­ence of my ori­gins? This is a self-appointed élite which seeks to dom­in­ate the indi­gen­ous peoples of Britain for their own per­sonal bene­fit. Help! Help! I’m being repressed!

The Council of British Druid Orders is wel­come to make fools of them­selves, but I’m com­pet­it­ive, and I’d like to think I have at least some exper­i­ence in mak­ing a fool of myself too. It’s a shame because it diverts atten­tion from what is a reas­on­able griev­ance.
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