Introducing Clioaudio


Following Aydin’s advice I’ve tried to go with some­thing simple, but the sim­pler you go the more likely it is that the name​.com has been taken. I’ve settled on Clioaudio.I was wary of using Clio in the title, as I don’t want to cause con­fu­sion with Clioweb, Cliopatria, Spinning Clio and so on, but decided that Clio– was prob­ably gen­eric enough to avoid con­fus­ing one with the other.

This is the first pilot which is still a bit of a test file. I need to work on record­ing from phones and also on my esses. This is why I prefer to have someone else in front of the micro­phone. Oh, and my inter­view technique.

In the medium term I may be mov­ing newsy posts to Clioaudio with the inten­tion of get­ting syn­dic­ated on NewsNow.

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