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Carl Feagans mentions the Tomb of Jesus brouhaha. I plan to put up something on this, but I’m holding back for now as I’m waiting for a couple of email replies. I’ve sent one to Professor who produced the 600:1 claim. I’ve tried seeing the press conference to see how he gets that figure, but it’s not working for me. The way they present the data in the document pack suggests if you’re not expecting Jesus to be married to Mary Magdelene then the probability falls from 600:1 to around 4:1.

The problem is that the statistical analysis is presented as being so ham-fisted that I have to assume something is missing. For instance I can’t work out how Historical Bias = 4. This is only a summary so I’m only 64.56732% sure this is a spurious figure plucked from the air. There could be harder archaeological reasons for saying why this figure is justified from an analysis of more ossuaries. Alas, the pack given by Discovery, despite their claims doesn’t give you the evidence to judge for yourself.

You can download the pack without working your way through all the Flash navigation and read a couple of articles, a couple of maps and the calculations for yourself. Mapwise it seems fairly conclusive that the tomb was buried. Article-wise one is reading the inscriptions and the other is on the context of the Ossuaries by Prof. Amos Kloner, who doesn’t support the attribution of the tomb.