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Mosaic to celebrate 5000 photos on Chiron
Montage of 1. Athletes, Villa of the Papyri, 2. Athens Acropolis 2007, 3. A centaur about to kick a bloke in the marbles, 4. Delphi, Temple of Apollo, looking towards the cliffs

Here’s something else I’ve missed recently. Recently the 5000th photo was uploaded to the Chiron pool at Flickr. That’s over 5000 photos connected to antiquity which you can pick up and use in presentations or blogs for free. It’s due in no small part to the submissions by Ovando and MHarrsch, but there’s 130 other members. It’s a simple interface and an excellent example of what you can do with Flickr.

You can see the latest additions to Chiron in the photobar at the top of the page and you can visit the website of the people who had such a good idea at Chironweb.