Chiron hits 5000

Mosaic to celebrate 5000 photos on Chiron
Montage of 1. Athletes, Villa of the Papyri, 2. Athens Acropolis 2007, 3. A cen­taur about to kick a bloke in the marbles, 4. Delphi, Temple of Apollo, look­ing towards the cliffs

Here’s some­thing else I’ve missed recently. Recently the 5000th photo was uploaded to the Chiron pool at Flickr. That’s over 5000 pho­tos con­nec­ted to antiquity which you can pick up and use in present­a­tions or blogs for free. It’s due in no small part to the sub­mis­sions by Ovando and MHarrsch, but there’s 130 other mem­bers. It’s a simple inter­face and an excel­lent example of what you can do with Flickr.

You can see the latest addi­tions to Chiron in the pho­to­bar at the top of the page and you can visit the web­site of the people who had such a good idea at Chironweb.


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