The Atheist equivalent of Christian Rock

I sup­press a shud­der at the pro­spect of an athe­ist equi­val­ent of Christian rock. Please, no.”

It’s not as bad as you might think. I’d argue that with lines like

I needed a break when your book about dreams was taken,
I needed to pray or see a priest that day,
I needed to leave this trade and just heave it away,
But I cleaned up my place like you so I could see things straight.

I never cared about God when life was sailin’ in the calm,
So I said I’d get my head down and I’d deal with the ache in my heart,
And for that if God exists I’d reckon he’d pay me regard,
Mum says me and you are the same from the start.

Never Went to Church by The Streets is a good descrip­tion of the attrac­tion and irrel­ev­ance of reli­gion to a griev­ing athe­ist. Sometimes it would be nice to have a magic want to make things alright, but it’s not a prac­tical plan for deal­ing with the prob­lem. The open­ing of the song is barbed towards Christianity, but the end­ing is has a pos­it­ive mes­sage about what we leave behind.

Why is it an issue? It’s because some people think that it’s not true that the Devil has the best tunes. See Secular Music @ Rupture the Rapture and Has the best tunes? @ Why Don’t You Blog for more.


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