A Sapphic Ode to Pan scientiae


Not a clas­sical Sapphic ode, but I’ve pla­gi­ar­ised the metre and the first five words from Stephen Fry’s Example (a), so it’s close enough. Besides it’s not a proper per­sonal blog without some bad poetry.

Let's hear it for the scientists,
  Who seek the universe's cogs,
In rocks or stars or blastocysts,
                 Then write in blogs.

The 2007 edi­tion of the Open Laboratory should be ready for the 2008 Science Blogging Conference. This means the nom­in­a­tions for The Open Laboratory 2008 edi­tion will open soon and there tends to be an appeal for poems. There’s noth­ing like a good poem to open an antho­logy — and that’s noth­ing like a good poem. Take it as a challenge.