Photography recommendations wanted


I went to Jodrell Bank earlier this week to have a look around. Unfortunately from a pho­to­graphic point of view I went on a day when the tele­scope was point­ing into the sky instead of the trees. There were other prob­lems like bad light. On reflec­tion winter prob­ably isn’t the best time to visit an arbor­etum either. So all in all I’m not too happy with the res­ults. I did have a fun day out though and learned a few things about my cam­era so it wasn’t a wasted day. Despite all the things that can go wrong, a major reason for me tak­ing few pho­to­graphs I’m happy with is that I’m not a very good photographer.

Someone like Max Milligan in con­trast does take excel­lent pho­tos of archae­olo­gical sites. Unlike my pho­tos his are the product of tal­ent, tech­nique and effort. Talent is some­thing you have or you don’t, and real­ist­ic­ally I’m not going to have the patience to hang around all day wait­ing for the right shot. However I can do some­thing about tech­nique. Can any­one recom­mend either books or web­sites for learn­ing about land­scape photography?

I’m also inter­ested in learn­ing about HDR pho­to­graphy, but I have doubts about whether or not that can be used for ser­i­ous archae­ology. In the­ory it should be, but sci­entific pho­to­graphy is a dicey busi­ness, as I’ll men­tion in another post over the week­end. Nonetheless if any­one knows good web­sites or books for that as well then I’m interested.