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One of the things which can annoy me is seeing something I’ve written here ripped, mangled and re-posted with adverts plastered around it. It happens quite a bit. Unfortunately, if you plan to do this, using Google Ads is a very bad idea.

Beneath your adverts there’s a link ‘Ads by Google’. Click on this link and you go to a page for signing up to Google Ads. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll also see a link: ‘Send Google your thoughts on the site or the ads you just saw’. Click on that link and various options come up, include the option to report a ‘report a violation’. This gives a little form and the menu options to say what was wrong with the site. I tend to click ‘other’ and paste in ‘This site violates the Landing Page and Site Quality Guidelines‘.

I think it’s working because I’m tending to find that the splogs I complain about disappear after a while.