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I liked 3rd Stone, which was a magazine about all things megalithic in a middle ground between academics and the fringe. Unfortunately it had to close. The people behind it are back with the help of Berg and a new journal Time and Mind. I was going to say it’s a lot more expensive, but I’m not sure it is – £45 for six issues over two years in print, or £25 for a year. If you want the online version then you should be prepared to sacrifice an internal organ (it’s £125 for a year) but the print fees seem more reasonable than a few other journals I could think of.

I haven’t had time to read it, so I can’t tell you if the magic has been lost or not. I am looking forward to reading Jeremy Harte’s The Devil on Dartmoor, which argues that the myths of the moors are the products of the Victorian tourist industry.

I suspect the paper which will grab the attention of most people will be Benny Shanon’s on biblical drug use. A quick skim raises some pretty basic questions about how you tackle how historical record was created. If the text was written some decades, centuries or a millennium after the events described by people who weren’t living the same alleged ecosystems then how reliable is the text if you want to make a diagnosis? It’s possible he tackles this and I missed it.

Fortunately you can check for yourself. You can read the first issue free.