…and while I’m ranting about science cutbacks.

Schrödinger’s Pig has this post on why things like Jodrell Bank mat­ter. Really who in their right mind would aspire to be a suc­cess­ful phys­i­cist when that will cost you your job?

See also DaveP’s post on the sub­ject and JQH is more depress­ing.

There is a peti­tion for UK cit­izens to sign, but I sus­pect that even if it was suc­cess­ful that would only be a short term suc­cess. Really a shift in opin­ion is needed that recog­nises that hav­ing a non-Scientist Minister for Science makes as much sense as appoint­ing a brain sur­geon as Attorney General.


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  1. schrodingerspig says:

    Thank you for the link Alun. :)