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Alan Cann has floated the idea of creating a UoL blogging network on JayJay’s weblog. Now he’s suggesting along with Chris (whose URL I’d lost) we set up a UoL blogging network. I think it’s a good idea, or at least I heard coffee mentioned which is similar.

To some extent a unified blog feed could augment the expert’s list on the UoL website. For instance if I put up a post saying that 10,000 BC might be inaccurate (metal? – there’s a reason why we call it the Stone Age). Then it could go into a feed along with Alan on the the latest superbug etc. and then you have series of rentaquotes. The downside with this is that we wouldn’t be clearing blog posts with university authorities so I suspect you’d want to limit the feed to staff only.

If you’re a UoL blogger you may want to leave a comment on Alan’s post at SOTI.