Vidi: Sunday Thoughts

This is another test of the new book­mark­ing script I’m work­ing on. It it works then it should col­lect links dur­ing the week and then com­pile them into one post on a Sunday.

Mr Deity and the Virgin
Everyone’s favour­ite holy being is back for a new series on YouTube.

Abnormal Interests: I’m Not Sure What I Think About This
Duane Smith explains his con­cerns about the com­pat­ab­il­ity of sci­ence and reli­gion in a post which makes a refresh­ing change in the acco­mod­a­tion­ism debate. If you’re look­ing for a post shout­ing about what they think someone else has said, you’d be bet­ter off look­ing elsewhere.

Almost-live report: Daniel Dennett at the Cambridge Darwin-and-faith bash Why Evolution Is True
Bah! My forth­com­ing post on theo­logy would look pres­ci­ent if it had come out last week. Now it’ll look like I’m pla­gi­ar­ising Dennett. Nonetheless it’s a good write up of the ques­tion “What does Theology bring to an inter­dis­cip­lin­ary study?”


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