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This is another test of the new bookmarking script I’m working on. It it works then it should collect links during the week and then compile them into one post on a Sunday.

Mr Deity and the Virgin
Everyone’s favourite holy being is back for a new series on YouTube.

Abnormal Interests: I’m Not Sure What I Think About This
Duane Smith explains his concerns about the compatability of science and religion in a post which makes a refreshing change in the accomodationism debate. If you’re looking for a post shouting about what they think someone else has said, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

Almost-live report: Daniel Dennett at the Cambridge Darwin-and-faith bash Why Evolution Is True
Bah! My forthcoming post on theology would look prescient if it had come out last week. Now it’ll look like I’m plagiarising Dennett. Nonetheless it’s a good write up of the question “What does Theology bring to an interdisciplinary study?”