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This is a test of the new bookmarking script I’m working on. It it works then it should collect links during the week and then compile them into one post on a Friday.

Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper
Mike Pitts, author of Hengeworld, editor of British Archaeology and all-round archaeological whirlwind is now blogging. His site is definitely something you’d want to add to your RSS reader.

Ancient boat reveals shipbuilding skills of Java’s seafarers | The Jakarta Post
This is deeply cool. The problem with a lot of marine archaeology is that it’s either out at sea where it’s hard to find, or else it rots. The Yogyakarta Archaeology Center has been working on a largely intact boat found in Indonesia dating from the 6th or 7th century.

Durango Herald News, Chimney Rock: Chaco or not?
(via David Meadow’s Explorator, the same person who runs Roge Classicism) There’s new exacavations at Chimney Rock. It’s an important site in Southwestern US archaeoastronomy, but is it tied to the Chaco culture?

Governor eliminates Michigan Dept. of History, Arts and Libraries – Crain’s Detroit Business
It’s looks like Michigan will be feeling the effects of this recession for a long while yet. There’s not just the loss of services in this cut. If there’s big savings to be made, then there’ll be a big start-up cost if the department is revived when the economy can support it.

Abnormal Interests: Have A Snake Problem? Try Prayer
A translation of a Babylonian text may have implications for interpretation of the Bible.

AWOL – The Ancient World Online: Open Access Journal: Illinois Classical Studies
Illinois Classical Studies is now open with a moving wall. It makes it an attracive journal to publish in. I’d point at some articles but I haven’t had time to browse it this week.

Frog in a Well – The Japan History Group Blog
Frog in a Well, which comes in three flavours, continues to show that history of east Asia is at an exciting place at the moment.

The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World: Reflecting on Academic Blogging at 500 Posts
“[T]he arrival of academic blogging does provide a kind of stable, middle ground between the open seminar (or the half-baked conference paper) and the journal article.” I think academic blogs as perpetual conferences would be an interesting model.

The history in historical archaeology Campus Archaeology Program
Why historical archaeologists aren’t historians.

Pop Classics: Carry On Cleo (dir. Gerald Thomas 1964)
The classic, possibly even definitive, screen treatment of Cleopatra is examined at Pop Classics. British Classicists are a lot more intelligible after seeing this historical epic.

Dear editor Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper
Editing a letters page for a magazine can be frustrating.

Past Preservers: Do you want to appear on a major new TV show with Dr Zahi Hawass?
I considered applying for this a while back. I decided not to, because it would break my TV boycott, but it does look tempting.

Illicit Cultural Property: Francesco Rutelli on the Euphronios Krater
The krater has been repatriated, but is that a win for studying history?

Interview: Mark Parker-Pearson on The Stonehenge Riverside Project Discoveries | Heritage Key
An interview with the Head Honcho of the Stonehenge Riverside Project, Mike Parker Pearson. Heritage Key is definitely a site worth keeping an eye on.

Looting matters: Antiquities from Iraq continue to surface
There are some antiquities dealers who are pointing out the illicit material, but there’s still a lot appearing. Is it a problem with unscrupulous dealers, or is the problem with honest people working in a systemically flawed market?