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I’ve had a go at setting up an archaeoastronomy channel on Youtube. Jsefick’s account is a bit of a goldmine for that as he has plenty of videos with interesting archaeoastronomical content. Searching for videos to favourite today, I found video above that there was an unauthorised landing at Fajada Butte. I found it extremely helpful as it taught me two things.

1) Fajada Butte is a restricted area.
That’s very handy to know as I’m the sort of person who would drive out somewhere on the off-chance of seeing something. If I ever visit the southwestern USA, then Fajada Butte is the sort of place I’d try and take a trip to because of a petroglyph site famous for an effect known as the sun-dagger. This is a spiral behind a couple of rocks. There’s a gap between the rocks so that on specific days of the year a shard of light shines onto the spiral, like a dagger.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know how much of this is coincidence. Still, there’s plenty written about it by intelligent people, so it’s the sort of thing I’d like to see. However, as the guide mentioned in the top video, Fajada Butte is so restricted that even they have very limited access. This is a shame, but I can see why it might be necessary. It’s handy to know before you go.

2) Butte rhymes with chute, not shut. Small linguistic details like these are important if you decide to go on a trip to “look at some buttes”.

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