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Via @skepticbarista I’ve found a collection of Open Educational Resources from the Open University. They’re listed at their Open Learn site, and there are stack of interesting courses to browse from Introductory to Master’s level. There’s all sorts of things that make this interesting. There’s the variety of the material from Aberdulais Falls (a case study in Welsh heritage) to Zoology. There’s the quality of the material. There’s also the extra element. It might not be a taught course, but there’s still thought in how you can use the material.

There’s fora, learning groups and a tool called FlashVlog for recording video diaries. That seems above and beyond the call of duty for OER material. The whole thing is CC licenced, so I had been thinking about working through a module here. The difficulty is that if you see the full list of courses, it’s a bit like being let loose in a sweet-shop.