I’ve been busy recently which a couple of things that will be blogged here sooner or later.

In the mean­time I took an after­noon off a couple of Sundays ago to take some pho­tos with a new lens. It’s for some­thing else I’d like to blog about on pho­to­graphy. There’s been some inter­est­ing stuff writ­ten, but I’m not com­fort­able with the idea that pho­to­graphy can present an object­ive record of a view. It’s not simply that pho­tos can be manip­u­lated, it’s not pos­sible to present a default view.

I’ve also tweaked my Flickr set­tings again. I’d love to be able to release them as BY-SA. At the moment they’re BY-NC-SA, because there’s issues with com­mer­cial rights and prop­erty rights. It’s partly related to the English Heritage rights grab/assertion on pho­tos of Stonehenge. It’d be easy to por­tray them as a greedy quango hold­ing back research, but there are big­ger issues at stake. Which will need another blog post.

In the mean­time my most recent pho­tos are on Flickr.

Nine Ladies stone circle near sunset

Nine Ladies stone circle near sunset