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This has been left in my drafts folder for a couple of years at least. I wrote a post on the top X blogs meme a couple of years back when I had delisted my blog from Google. What surprises me is that it’s still going. My guess is that no one reads the posts apart from the bloggers, so if you’re a new blogger you’ll not know how old the scam is and be chuffed that someone has included your blog.

Still it continues so here’s my list of reasons why I don’t want to be on a top X blogs list.

  1. You don’t have any interest in the blogs you list, your blog is just a series of blog lists.
  2. You don’t have any interest in the topic either.
  3. …and that’s why your list is a mix of good and dire blogs.
  4. You don’t care about the quality of your lists.
  5. …because if someone links to it to criticise it, you have a link and that’s all that matters.
  6. You’re using my name on what is effectively just an advert, which might be competing against my university.
  7. …and you sometimes send stroppy emails if I don’t l link to your advert.
  8. Not only do your lists give spurious credibility to some cranks…
  9. …they also ignore genuinely good blogs that deserve far more attention than mine.
  10. And finally, putting me on your list marks me out as the kind of person who’s going to fall for the same stunt that you’ve already pulled X times.

But the thing that most annoys me is that despite all this, if I’m told I’m listed there’s still a 50% chance I’ll look to see who else is listed despite knowing it’s a scam. Curse my narcissism.

Posted to clear something from my drafts folder after a tweet by @threepipeblog.