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Busy beeI hadn’t realised how long it had been since I’d posted here. It feels like I’ve been blogging most days, but it’s not been here. At AoBBlog there’s a few posts most recently Love and Flowers: When analogies break down and a photo of a Wollemi Pine, a strange and interesting tree.

At Then Dig the Distance theme has run its course, and now we’re into Tools, curated by Terry Brock. I’ve blogged a fair amount there. You can see what I’ve been doing on my author page. Archaeoastronomy-wise there’s a review of African Cultural Astronomy by Jarita Holbrook.

I’m changing this site (again) to a more tumblog style. I’ll see if it works. The problem is I change sites to as I work now. But the way I work changes, so often changing a site simply means it’s behind the times in a different way.

I’ll see how it goes.

Photo: Busy Bee by JarrkoS. BY-NC-SA licence.