Photos from the National Botanic Gardens of Wales

I’ve finally fin­ished pro­cessing my pho­tos from my trip out at the week­end. It’s the time of year when the vegat­able gar­dens have more action than the flowerbeds.

The full set is on Flickr at http://​www​.flickr​.com/​p​h​o​t​o​s​/​a​l​u​n​/​s​e​t​s​/​7​2​1​5​7​6​3​1​7​1​9​9​1​4​6​0​3​/​w​i​t​h​/​8​0​7​9​5​9​7​4​32/


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When he's not tired, fixing his car or caught in train delays, Alun Salt works part-time for the Annals of Botany weblog. His PhD was in ancient science at the University of Leicester, but he doesn't know Richard III.

3 Responses

  1. Those moody skies made for a per­fect back­drop, I think. Lovely collection.

  2. Gav says:

    Nice pho­tos. The gar­dens are look­ing bet­ter every year. Did you get a chance to walk around to Pont Felin Gat? Some very inter­est­ing and extens­ive land­scap­ing works at the north end of the site, although pretty well over­grown the last time we visited.

    • Alun says:

      I didn’t get round as much as I would have liked. I missed most of the trees des­pite it being autumn, so I’ll make a point of get­ting back when I can.