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Actually an absolutely lousy writing day today. I'd written myself into a dead end. There's two ways of dealing with that.

The clever way would have been so have accepted there was a problem that I wasn't going to fix in a rush and moved on to the next section. After getting that done I could return to the problem point and re-write to get from there to here.

However, I thought the section I was stuck with might affect how the rest of that chapter works, so I looked for a fix. And looked. And looked. I finally have one, but it's probably cost me a day's writing.

I have a party I have to go to tomorrow, so it's a bit of a stall on the writing at the moment. This is a slight pain as my calendar tells me it's just day 2 of #AcWriMo . I would have been nice to get to day 3 before running into a bigger problem.

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