How much is Stonehenge worth?

You can now use English law to work out what Stonehenge is worth in this blog post from Ulla Rajala. Someone has been fined for des­troy­ing a quarter of one of the Priddy Circles in Somerset and you can work out from the fine for that what the fine for bull­doz­ing Stonehenge would be — if English law were consistent.

The bonus ques­tion What gets the biggest fine, bull­doz­ing a quarter of a pre­his­toric monu­ment or installing uPVC win­dows into a lis­ted farm­house? is easy to answer.


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Priddy Circle ver­dict: how much is a monu­ment worth?
This week brought the sen­ten­cing of the case of the par­tial destruc­tion of one of the Priddy Circles in the Mendips in Somerset. A retired busi­ness­man who had bought the farm house near the Circles ha…

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