When he's not tired, fixing his car or caught in train delays, Alun Salt works part-time for the Annals of Botany weblog. His PhD was in ancient science at the University of Leicester, but he doesn't know Richard III.

3 Responses

  1. Little known fact. Sheep, like mush­rooms, grow in circles. :-)

    Or wait.… Maybe they are on +Google plus too?

  2. Welsh Andy says:

    jeal­ous my office looks out onto a grey and dis­mal yard.
    Speaking of anim­als and circles I remem­ber once, when vis­it­ing Glastonbury Tor, see­ing a herd of cows all lay­ing on their sides with their legs facing out­wards in a circle. Weird.

  3. Where can I buy this kind o view to my office?