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I've finally added my review of Phases of the Moon Pro to the Play store. This brings my total of Play reviews up to… umm… one.

I've been using it on my Galaxy Note 2, but I've just seen on the Virtual Star Party (as I type this) that it's available on iOS. It looks like it's better on a Nexus 7 or iPad.

It's a simple thing really, you start it up and it shows the moon phase. But it's done very well. You can put your finger on the moon and sweep it to increase or decrease the phase, set it to full and then see when that is. Or sweep it on or back to new and get a time for that phase.

The app name is a little bit misleading now. You can use two fingers to zoom into the moon and craters, seas and Apollo landing sites get labelled. You need to pan two fingers round to move the image on the screen once you've zoomed in.

This week's +Virtual Star Party is a good one too, with more moon than usual. Virtual Star Party – Jan. 20, 2013

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