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On my to-read list today is Light Pollution of the Mountain Areas in Poland by Ściężor, Kubala and Kaszowski. A quick skim suggests it's about the mechanics of measuring light pollution in Poland, but the references look like they could make the problem more interesting. It's not just about astronomy, there are measurable biological impacts from artificial lighting.

It'll be difficult to see if there's a similar problem in the UK, because so much of it is well-lit. That means biological damage is the new normal and therefore not a problem. Elsewhere this problem is called the Shifting Baseline.

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Light Pollution of the Mountain Areas in Poland / Zanieczyszczenie Świetlne W Obszarach Górskich W Polsce : Archives of Environmental Protection
Abstract. The existence of extensive records for the impact of night sky brightness on the animals’ behavior in their natural environment shows the need to investigate the level of artificially induce…

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