Deal or no Deal?

There’s a crime­wave in south­ern England. Deal Town Council have been been reck­lessly using the coat of Arms gran­ted to Deal Borough Council in 1968. As her­aldry afi­cion­ados will know, Deal Town Council cov­ers a slightly dif­fer­ent area than Deal Borough Council. Therefore there’s been a stretch of almost 40 years of law-breaking since the bor­ough coun­cil was dis­ban­ded in 1974.

Deal Town FC have also been told their kit is illegal due to their badge. Presumably because people might con­fuse them with the entirely non-existent Deal Borough FC.

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Town and foot­ball crest ‘unlaw­ful’
A town and its foot­ball club are told that it is unlaw­ful to con­tinue using their crest.

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