A new dark sky reserve

There’s another dark sky reserve in the UK. The prac­tical effect is that the coun­cil will be tak­ing light pol­lu­tion ser­i­ously in order to keep the status. If you’d like to see what a dark sky looks like AstroCamp is there in May: http://​astrocamp​.org​.uk/

I’m pleased about this news as I’m hop­ing that it’ll mean the local council’s open to redu­cing light pol­lu­tion else­where in Powys. I live in a more sparsely pop­u­lated region to the north of the Brecon.

Brecon Beacons win dark sky status
Brecon Beacons National Park has become Wales’ first and only the fifth des­tin­a­tion in the world to be gran­ted the status of an inter­na­tional dark sky reserve.


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