In the UK we’ll soon hear that ‘cod’ fish fingers are up to 100% sea…

In the UK we’ll soon hear that ‘cod’ fish fin­gers are up to 100% seahorse.

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These are not the fish you’re look­ing for. 

One-third of sea­food mis­labeled, study finds
Fraud com­mon in sea­food labeling. Sushi houses the worst offend­ers, study finds.


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2 Responses

  1. Only a third? It’s that bad with cuts of meat here in Vancouver.

    I would expect it to be more like 50% mislabeled.

  2. I wouldn’t be sur­prised at higher than a third. I see a lot of frozen fish products are just labelled as ‘non-specific fish’ tho would that be accept­able if they star­ted doing that with meat now?