For once an anti-GM campaigner might cheer a Monsanto win

I’ve blogged about my con­fu­sion over the Bowman vs. Monsanto case at AoB Blog. There’s a whole argu­ment over GMOs are bad or not, or if that’s even the right ques­tion. But if they are, does that mean the anti-GM pos­i­tion is always anti-Monsanto?

On this occa­sion I argue a Monsanto win would do more to reduce the uptake of GMOs than a loss. It’s per­fectly pos­sible I’ve made a mis­take. The cam­paign­ers are pre­sum­ably much more know­ledgable about the situ­ation than I am, so feel free to leave a com­ment at AoB Blog.

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My enemy’s enemy…?
Recently a lot of com­ments on the Bowman vs. Monsanto court case have been in my social media streams. If you’ve not heard about this, it’s about a court case between a farmer and the Monsanto corp.…..


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