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There's a radio show online celebrating 30 years of The Meaning of Liff a dictionary of words that don't exist, but should. The words are all place names that have been press-ganged into doing some proper work in the English language. As a responsible person I'm not linking to this website that lists many of the definitions in the book:

THROCKING (participial vb.)
The action of continually pushing down the lever on a pop-up toaster in the hope that you will thereby get it to understand that you want it to toast something.

NAD (n.)
Measure defined as the distance between a driver's outstretched fingertips and the ticket machine in an automatic car-park. 1 nad = 18.4 cm.

RIPON (vb.)
(Of literary critics.) To include all the best jokes from the book in the review to make it look as if the critic thought of them.

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The Meaning of Liff at 30
John Lloyd celebrates 30 years of The Meaning of Liff with Matt Lucas and Helen Fielding.