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About Me

photoHello, I’m Alun.* I do a few things at the moment.

I’m one of the archaeoastronomers associated with the University of Leicester. At the moment I’m working in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Science on educational material for Physicists.

I also work for AoB Blog, a weblog for the Annals of Botany and AoB PLANTS. The design of my site tends to be experimental as a testbed for AoB Blog.

My PhD Thesis is Creating collective identities through astronomy? A study of Greek temples in Sicily. The aim was to see if there’s any truth in the claim that Greek temples face East and if they do why should anyone care? It’ll eventually be available via open-access. There’s four five six papers which need to be written up from it.

Some blog entries may be passworded, This is because it’s work in progress and I don’t want it being cited anywhere else before it’s finished. If you want to read them then you can under the terms that you don’t reproduce any part of it, till it’s publicly accessible, If you can live with that then the password is usually accept.

I take photos when I can. Most of these photos are released with Creative Commons licences via Flickr. Where possible they’re available for commercial use, but restrictions at some sites mean this is not always possible.

You can also follow me on FriendFeed, which tracks what I’m posting to sites like LibraryThing and Zotero amongst other places. These days though I spend more time on Google+ either with my personal account or my professional account.

*It’s unpronounceable in English. In Welsh the u is pronounced as an i. Try saying Alin and you’d have it exactly right, but for some reason people can’t say Alin after reading Alun. This, from the people who brought you Featherstonaugh pronounced as Fanshawe.