Contact Me

The fast­est way to get a response is likely to be through Twitter. You can send me a mes­sage by sign­ing up to Twitter and put­ting @alun at the start of a mes­sage. If you want to read more about Twitter, I wrote a post on it as part of the Tech Tuesday series.

You can email me, but I get quite a bit of email. The address is contact@ and then alun​salt​.com. This is a dis­pos­able for­warder, so if I get a lot of spam I’ll change it to some­thing else. I may have oth­ers, but they tend to get used for very spe­cial­ised func­tions, like work, and have highly aggress­ive spam fil­ters. If you send to another email address then I’m unlikely to see it.

The aca­demic address which it’s best to con­tact me at is:
Alun Salt
c/o The Centre for Interdisciplinary Science
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
University of Leicester