PhD (Leicester) Creating col­lect­ive iden­tit­ies through astro­nomy? A sur­vey of the Greek temples of Sicily.
MPhil (Cantab) World Archaeology
BA (Leicester) Ancient History and Archaeology


* 2008. Scholarly Journals between the Past and the Future by Martin Rundkvist: Review (pre-print). Fornvännen 2008/3. 207–209.
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* 2005. Knowing When to con­sult the Oracle of Delphi. Antiquity 305, 564–72. (co-authored with Efrosyni Bousikas) I can email a PDF if you send me your email address via the con­tact form.
* 2005. Increased Joy through Delegated Reading. Archaeological Computing Newsletter 63.

Conferences Seminars etc.

* 2009 — title to be con­firmed. A talk on inde­pend­ent and open access pub­lish­ing options for archae­olo­gists. (2009 IFA con­fer­ence)
* Starlight Expressed: Statistical Methods in Archaeoastronomy (two very sim­ilar present­a­tions to the Archaeoastronomy Colloquiette and the School of Archaeology and Ancient History)
* Miscommunication in Archaeoastronomy. (National Astronomy Meeting)
* Sikelisation? A cos­mo­vi­sional approach to cul­tural cross-fertilisation. (Classical Association)
* Scale and Complex Acculturation (Defining Social Complexity)
* Cosmology as an Indicator of Ethnicity? The Case of the Greek Colonies of Sicily (Archaeological Institute of America)
* Not all of us have Apple Macs: Inter-operability and web pub­lish­ing for journ­als (Text and Context: Scholarly Editing in the 21st Century — AHRC Conference)
* It Came from Underground (Leicester PG Seminar Series, AMPAH, Leicester Interdisciplinary Science Seminar)
* The Star Disc of Nebra: The prob­lem of cir­cu­lar argu­ments in Archaeoastronomy (Newcastle PG Forum)
* (co-authored with Efrosyni Bousikas) Dolphin Watching in Ancient Greece Poster Version
* (co-authored with Efrosyni Bousikas) Dolphin Watching in Ancient Greece (mul­tiple ver­sions at Leicester PG Seminar Series, AMPAH, Wales and the West Interdisciplinary Conference, SEAC)
* Dolphin Watching in Ancient Greece Poster Version (dis­played at World Archaeological Congress 5)
* Starlight Expressed (SEAC)

Work Experience

2003 – Present Consultant on Interdiscplinary Science mod­ule IS1010 “Powers and Prophets” Design and Build includ­ing syl­labus, exam­in­a­tion struc­ture and course materials.

2004 – Consultant on Interdisciplinary Science Taster Course / Masterclass “Murder Most Scientific”
Design: Sections for Chemistry, Geology, Geography
Design and Build: Generic Problem
Design, Build and Delivery: Palaeopathology / Osteoarchaeology

2003 – 2004 Seminar Tutor Introduction Greek History / Introduction to Roman History

Conference Organisation

* 2008 Chair for Astronomy and Antiquity ses­sion at the Classical Association con­fer­ence.
* 2005 AMPAH con­fer­ence organ­iser
* 2004 CHAT worker
* 2003 RAC / TRAC worker