If I had a pub­lic­a­tion in the news right now, or I was giv­ing a talk at a con­fer­ence, I’d put up short-cuts to the rel­ev­ant pages here. As it hap­pens I don’t at the moment, but if I were giv­ing a talk at CA2010 then the mobile ver­sion of this web­site would be access­ible to any­one view­ing from their phone. So instead here’s a list of what I’ve either pub­lished or am work­ing on.

You can fol­low my Zotero account if you want to see what I’m cur­rently not­ing in my bib­li­o­graphic database.


Forthcoming Publications


  • On the Orientations of Greek Temples in Sicily
    Greek poleis made little dis­tinc­tion between their polit­ical and reli­gious iden­tity. So is there any­thing in the align­ment of Greek temples that can tell us about civic iden­tity? Do Greek temples face east and are there any other signs of a Greek astro­nom­ical fin­ger­print? This paper will present data on over forty temples and ana­lyse them col­lect­ively, by loc­a­tion, by deity and by gene­a­logy for shared traits.
    A early present­a­tion on this is avail­able here as Starlight Expressed. The first paper will be sub­mit­ted autumn 2009 and the second winter 2009/10.
  • On Calendrical Calibration
    An awful lot of time and energy has been devoted as to whether Greek cit­ies fol­lowed the Metonic sys­tem for inter­cal­at­ing months and whether or not there was a sys­tem of full and hol­low months. There’s a lot of this very clever work done by very clever people who know their sources inside-out. Unfortunately their sources tend to be quite late, so this tells us little about cal­en­dars in the Archaic period. Knowing when to con­sult the Oracle at Delphi (see video) put for­ward a pro­posal for pan­hel­lenic and apolit­ical sys­tem of cal­ib­ra­tion based on what little we can say about astro­nomy in the archaic period. This line of research is more eth­no­his­tor­ical than archae­olo­gical. A paper is almost ready to go on this with four fur­ther mark­ers. There’s also another paper to come from this on approx­im­ate astro­nomy. If the loose ends tie up neatly then the first paper from this will be ready to go in Winter 2009. If not then it’s Spring 2010. I’ll be look­ing to place this in a Classical journal which allows pre-prints to arXiv.
  • On the Origin of Constellations
    This dis­cusses evid­ence for the pos­sible hybrid­isa­tion of the Greek night sky fol­low­ing con­tact with Punic set­tlers in the west­ern Mediterranean. Because the core of the argu­ment I’m tack­ling appeared in an Italian journal it’s pos­sible that this will be writ­ten in Italian in early 2010.
  • The Graeco-Roman Constellation Catalogue
    This is an ongo­ing wiki, inten­ded to even­tu­ally be com­piled into a book for cita­tion. It’s only get­ting worked on as I work through texts, so the first edi­tion will not be com­plete till 2011. POD pub­lish­ing could allow for annual editions.