Confused by Shadows


I’ve been busy this week with trips to lib­rar­ies for research. In fact I’ve been made a little bit busier due to a prob­lem with some­thing I found.

Temple A
Temple A, also known as the Temple of Hercules. Plan from Pirro Marconi’s report of 1929.

I was check­ing the sizes and dat­ing evid­ence for temples at Agrigento. The plan of Temple A in Marconi’s report was very odd because it showed most columns mainly on the north side of the temple, and I thought the sur­viv­ing columns are on the south side. When I looked later at the plans for Temple D, I also found the shad­ows were point­ing in the oppos­ite dir­ec­tion. So it looked like Marconi had rotated the plan by 180° without not­ing it.

Temple of Hercules
Temple of Hercules viewed from the South. Photo (cc) Mark1706.

Then came the next prob­lem.
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