Something, somewhere, has gone terribly wrong


I see this has been lis­ted on the Carnival of Bad History. Visitors from there might find the first post­ing on How Art Made the World useful.

I saw Episode II of How Art Created Made the World on cave art and the inven­tion of the image and I felt a bit guilty about run­ning down the pro­gramme in the pre­vi­ous week. Nigel Spivey con­cen­trated on Palaeolithic art and com­pared it to eth­no­graph­ical records of the San of Namibia. I wasn’t sure I agreed with it all but it seemed plaus­ible and I thought it was a much bet­ter pro­gramme. There was still some­thing that bothered me, but I couldn’t put my fin­ger on it.

I found out what it was in Episode III. This was the one where Spivey’s ambi­tion drove him to the clutches of the Dark Side.
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