Wiltshire and its 21st century SMR

Stonehenge, Facing the Midwinter Sunset

This is how Tom Goskar cas­u­ally tosses a cat amongst the pigeons…

If you’re inter­ested in the archae­ology of the county of Wiltshire, you can now access the Wiltshire Sites and Monuments Record (SMR) online, com­plete with a map interface.

The SMR is the archae­olo­gical record of a county and, as Tom points out, Wiltshire is the county with Stonehenge in it.

Adding the map inter­face is one of these things which sounds simple, but which hardly any­body offers. I can find my house on a map, but I couldn’t tell you the OS grid ref­er­ence, nor parse grid ref­er­ences from loc­a­tions in the record to work out where they lie in rela­tion to me. It doesn’t add any new inform­a­tion to the SMR but chan­ging the inter­face makes it a lot more access­ible. If the SMR data­bases over all UK counties were opened up then this kind of approach would be a massive help for any­one who’s inter­ested in their local archae­ology rather than their local admin­is­trat­ive district.

If you don’t know the names of local vil­lages or par­ishes, or OS ref­er­ences, but are inter­ested in Stonehenge and its sur­round­ings, then Wiltshire Council’s action is a import­ant as any major book the subject.

Unfortunately the map isn’t appear­ing for me. I don’t know if that’s my browser or the work on the council’s serv­ers caus­ing the prob­lem. Hopefully you’ll have bet­ter luck. As you can see on Tom’s page, it cer­tainly worked for him.